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Wii Opera SDK 3.x


3D Math (v2.7.22) - Download (14 Dec 2008)

Manipulate triangles meshes in 3D space, then pass them onward to be drawn.

Drawing effects (v2.6.16) - Download (14 Dec 2008)

Draw lines, circles, rectangles, tiles, texture-mapping, and more.

Raycasting (v1.8.10) - Download (14 Dec 2008)

Draw and manipulate axis-aligned rooms.

Wii Remote detection (v2.2.3) - Download (24 Jun 2008)

Receive status Wii Remote and Nunchuk buttons. Determine pointer coordinates, Sensor Bar distance, and Z-axis roll.


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The Wii Opera SDK is ©2007-2010 Daniel Gump. All Rights Reserved. Wii and Nintendo are trademarks of Nintendo Co. Ltd. Opera is a product of Opera Software ASA. The Wii Opera SDK is not affiliated with either party in any way but is an open source tool to promote the usage of the great products both companies create.